Best Accessories to Have in Your Car

January 25th, 2023 by

Car accessories have the power to add comfort and convenience to your vehicle, whether it is a simple mount for your phone or a complex roadside emergency kit. Popular accessories include USB chargers in the cigarette lighter, microfiber towels to wipe down surfaces, and ice scrapers to enhance visibility in the winter. In this article, we will cover some additional accessories and ones you may have never known existed, and at the end, you may consider doing some online shopping.

Phone holders are the most popular car accessory on the market today.

Useful Car Accessories

The first accessory to talk about is perhaps one of the most underrated devices on the market, and that is the car seat gap filler. Anyone who has dropped their phone, keys, or fries in between the seat and the console knows how infuriating it can be as you try to fish it back out. Gap fillers are a simple, yet effective solution that seals up this gap while also allowing seat adjustments.

Want your children to take over the car cleaning duties for you while also having a fun time? Then you can purchase some affordable car cleaning putty, which grabs dust and debris from difficult-to-access surfaces, such as air vents and cup holders. This is one of the more recent car gadgets to gain popularity and is super easy to use, so it is a perfect distraction for kids on a long road trip.

Some other items that you may find useful are hangers for the back of your headrest, tiny garbage cans that can be held in the cup holder, and GPS tags that you can attach to your keys so that you never lose them again! If you want to look at vehicle accessories for Chryslers and other vehicles available at Hawk CDJR, then take some time to browse through our accessory brochures!

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